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  1. Mountain biking tattoos: 14 of the coolest designs
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  3. The Coolest Tiny Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities
  4. Pietro Sedda

My focus is not on artists who do random themes and styles, but rather those who have a consistent artistic style and are so good at what they do, that they are often imitated. This Italian tattooer takes his work to a high level every year by coming up with new concepts to impress his clients, while he is cheered on by k online fans.

UFC Fighter Dustin Poirier Breaks Down His Tattoos - GQ Sports

His work has been imitated quite a lot. His study in fine arts has clearly rubbed off in all that he does—being inspired by modern painters, graphic designers, and old-school artists from 16th and 17th centuries. Painting, drawing, photographing and working with video are things he dabbles in. The former apprentice of Roxx 2Spirit , Ben Volt has learnt the right things and has been making a name for himself with his precise straight-line geometric designs.

From retro-modern motifs to beautiful sans-serif typography, it is all done in black ink by this San Francisco-based artist who is one of the best tattooers in this minimalist style.

Mountain biking tattoos: 14 of the coolest designs

Anyone who can ink a line this straight on skin, should win an award for extraordinary skill. Polish-tattoo-wizard Surowiec loves to use saturated colors for his retrofuturistic body art. Adding so much detail into the faces, highlighting often the eyes—his images are three-dimensional like Renaissance sculptures. His tattoos are specifically appealing in black and grey: portraits of family members and pets, religious figures, and movie characters like Caesar the ape and Darth Vader.

Many designs have a rather heavy fill while others are softer with equal amounts of light and shading, yet a commonality is his use of white ink to give a shiny finish. He grew up in Durango, Colorado, with a mountain backdrop hard to miss. This Israeli-born tattooer living in Berlin is so talented and consistent in this style, it is frighteningly remarkable! Having admitted in an interview that he had difficulty drawing a Koi fish when starting out as a tattooer, and that he had much to learn in terms of art such as shading ; his past experience in Information Technology made him closely connected with geometric shapes and patterns, so it was easier for him to draw lines and dots, which is his current style.

One that is perfect as it is: timeless and fluid on the body like poetry in motion.

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It is all about the details, delicateness and darkness—a beautiful marriage of building and human. Like H. Giger is to merging machines with humans, Mancia has also created his own visual world combining opposite elements in a strange yet elegant manner. A post shared by emrahozhan emrahozhan on Apr 7, at am PDT.

The ne plus ultra of nautical-inspired tattoos. And this piece is proof that, yes, some artists will tattoo your hand. Though common, seashell tattoos are actually quite poetic. A real seashell serves to protect the marine mollusk that takes shelter in it, and so a tattoo of one can symbolize your fortitude and tenacity.

Or, it can quite literally just mean that you really like going to the beach. In the midst of midwinter blizzards, let your lobster tattoo take you back to sunny Saturdays on the beach—toes in the sand and a lobster roll in your hand. A post shared by Forza Tattoo forza. A recent study by OkCupid found that men and women who wear red received more messages than those who wear any other color.

For more ideas on wacky fish to tattoo, check out this scary inspiration. To browse typefaces, check out dafont.

The most unique font of all, though, is personal handwriting. An example: Our colleague, Madeline Purdue, got a note from her grandmother permanently etched on her side. A post shared by Ellen Vasem ellenvasem. From your favorite novel, poem , song—whatever!

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Custom Ampersand done today! I love doing stuff like this! Semicolon tattoos have gained popularity over the years as a symbol of hope and perseverance for people struggling with mental illness. It also works for couples, too. A post shared by emrahozhan emrahozhan on Sep 14, at pm PDT. One idea: If your team ever won a Super Bowl , get that. There are elements on the periodic table , each with its own intricate structure. Choose one.

Or combine a bunch. A post shared by Alternative version gamer. The correct answer: Jolteon. A post shared by mitjaalder on Jun 1, at am PDT.

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The Coolest Tiny Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities

A minimalistic homage to a body of fiction that inspired millions of lives and still regularly draws real-world comparisons on social media to this day. Few experiences are more transformative than your first flight in a window seat , looking at topographical expanse at 35, feet. A post shared by inkpedia inkpediaorg on Feb 11, at am PST. Think of your favorite tune, track down the sheet music of your favorite part, and get it permanently etched. A post shared by gi. The beat of the music is one thing. Let a Ferris wheel have fun on you.

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Sometimes, companies offer a literal tit-for-tat. If you get their logo inked, you get free stuff. For an incredibly niche joke , get it inked on your knee. A post shared by sean killeffer seankilleffer on Dec 26, at pm PST. Well, look at that. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. If you're on the fence about getting inked, start here. By Best Life Editors June 28, View this post on Instagram.

Pietro Sedda

Read This Next. But here are the journeys that will stir your soul. The 30 Worst Celebrity Tattoos Here are several reminders to think before you ink. Wedding Rings?

The Latest Trend is Wedding Tattoos. Talk about cementing a bond Here's how.