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A perfect introduction to financial management for the average reader along with useful information on how to create an emergency and retirement fund for a secure financial future. In fact, the author has presented a seven-step plan for anyone willing to change his or her fortunes for the better with the help of time-tested financial principles.

An ideal companion for anyone willing to lead to stress-free financial existence. This rather unusual book on money on personal finance sheds a rare light on the concept of value for money or making value-based financial choices, be it spending or anything else. Imbibing the concepts presented in this work, the reader can embark on a journey of not only improving the quality of their financial decisions and working towards a debt-free existence but would also be able to look at their lifestyle choices and money from a value-driven perspective.

If you are looking toimprove your understanding of how money choices shape your life instead of merely tips on financial management, then this is the ideal choice for you. Sharing his hard-earned financial wisdom, this author offers a novel perspective on money and the role it plays in our lives. Instead of simply presenting a plan to spend less and save more, this work discusses on how certain expenses and things can be meaningful for the kind of experiences they afford.

An off the beaten path approach to money management focused on enhancing your understanding of money decisions and how they influence your life.

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This is more of a manual on financial stuff which equips you with updated information on managing your finances the smarter way. Knowing your health insurance, student loan debt and a bunch of other stuff inside out would help you get on your way to getting your financial affairs in control. That is exactly what this work is intended for. On the road to financial independence, the valuable advice of this author will help you navigate the speed bumps with ease and get one step closer to realizing your goals. An updated and relevant book on money on getting out of debt, managing health insurance, mortgage and much more which leads you on the path to financial freedom.

Learn how to save, invest and borrow the smarter way and not get caught up in some of the common financial traps people fall into for want of better knowledge.

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Most interesting problem: I hate my job and want to go back to school. In almost every case, this is a bad idea, as it prolongs the inevitable challenge of finding strong employment, increases your debt burden, and also gets you started in the workplace at an older age. Chapter 3: Give Yourself Credit As I mentioned before, Suze is often just fine with credit cards, and this chapter is basically about how to use credit cards in a sane and sensible manner.

Marketing has become so effective that for many people it makes the debt risk seem trivial in comparison — and then suddenly they find themselves in desperation. Most interesting problem: The only debt I have is my hefty balances on five credit cards. The advice here is a home run: pay the minimum balance on all of them, but pay as much extra as you can on the one with the highest interest rate. This is the route to paying the least amount possible in finance charges. Chapter 4: Making The Grade On Student Debt Student loans may be the best investment you make in your life, because a college degree increases your earnings potential by a large amount.

The money, job, marriage myth: are you happy yet?

However, walking out of school into an uncertain marketplace with a load of debt is certainly frightening. The chapter seems to be missing one important part: taking that newfound money and automatically depositing it into an emergency fund account. Most interesting problem: I want to start a savings account, but everyone tells me I should pay off my credit cards first. This is generally true, but the real answer comes from comparing the interest rates.

I wonder if I should borrow money from my k to pay off that debt. Their combined expertise lies in the correlation between your bank account and the state of your health. Their suggestion in AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip is that you should safeguard your finances in much the same way you stay healthy, and if you do both concurrently, your golden years really will be golden.

Rather, they offer tips and techniques for modifying your behavior so you can achieve both. Released in , AgeProof is a relatively quick, easy, enjoyable read. Amazon calls it one of the best books of These are the best years of your life, and Zelinski imparts a few lessons about how to enjoy them on the money you have, sooner rather than later.

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That's where Zelinski's begins. When Ramsey talks about money and finances, people sit up and listen, and with good cause. The Dave Ramsey Show garners more than 8 million listeners a week on radio stations. Sure, 99 sounds like a lot, but Siegel has encapsulated them into eight broad lessons. They apparently work well because the author retired at age Another oldie but goodie, The Richest Man in Babylon reads like a work of fiction, but make no mistake.

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Give, but give cautiously. They cover both personal finance and business considerations and conundrums. The Richest Man in Babylon was originally a collection of pamphlets given out to consumers by insurance companies, banks, and the like many years ago. They were first published in book form in